Coffee Drinks

Coffee Based Drinks

Drip Coffee
Pour Over
French Press
Kick in the Pants – drip coffee with espresso shots
Au Lait – half drip coffee, half steamed milk
Cold Brew
Nitro – cold brew infused with Nitrogen

Espresso Shots

Single Shot – 1 oz
Double Shot – 2 oz
Ristretto – double shot stopped short to make a sweeter, less acidic shot
Espresso Macchiato – double shot marked with milk foam
Espresso Cubano – single or double – shots pulled through a layer of sugar
Espresso con Leche – sigle or double – served with a small cup of milk or cream on the side
Espresso con Panna – single or double – served with whipped cream on top
Espresso Máximo – a combination of a cubano, macchiato, and con panna


Espresso Based Drinks (may be iced or hot)

Americano – espresso with hot water
Latté – espresso with steamed milk and a layer of milk foam
Cappuccino – espresso with equal parts steamed milk and milk foam
Flat White – espresso with steamed milk and minimal milk foam
Flavored Latté – espresso, steamed milk, and choice of our café syrups and sauces 


Hand Crafted Non-Coffee Drinks

Tea – see café for current choices

Hot Chocolate

Chai Tea Latté – iced or hot

Smoothies – Strawberry, Wildberry, Peach, Mango

Frios – frozen blended drinks – options include: coffee base, vanilla base, chai base, frozen hot chocolate, and green tea base

Green Tea Latté – Iced or Hot

Italian Sodas – flavor with club soda

Steamers – flavor with steamed milk


Soda Case Options

Stewart’s Root Beer
Stewart’s Orange Cream Soda

Snapple Variety


Excel Bottled Sodas

Dr. Pepper products 



Mt. Dew


Signature Drinks

Dulce Vida
Smoking Gun Latté




***NEW*** Breakfast Burritos (bacon or sausage)
Quiche – check for daily flavors
Yogurt Parfait
Oatmeal Cups
B & B Bagels – while Mizzou classes are in session
Pumpkin Bread


***NEW*** Vida Lunch Box – located in the cold case 
Soups – Check for daily flavors
Saladslocated in the cold case


Kind Bars 
RX Bars
Bobo Oat Bars
Edible Cookie Dough
Sabra Pretzel Cups